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"Flourish to the end"

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School song

The Hay Public School song was composed by Janet Kable in 2007.


Cobb, Sturt, Cadell and Oxley, pioneers from the past,

Taught us to take the challenge with qualities that last.


We know where we came from and where we want to go,

Showing Aussie values as we learn and grow.


Hay Public School - We're standing strong,

Hay Public School - Where we belong,

Hay Public School - We're proud to be,

In our Murrumbidgee country wide and free.


From the middle of the Hay Plains in a dry and dusty land,

Where a thirst for knowledge and respect go hand in hand,


We look after our friends, we're country tried and true,

We will flourish to the end in our colours red and blue.


Repeat chorus